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Concierge Quality Care - Not Concierge Level Cost

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Concierge Quality Care - Not Concierge Level Cost

A prospective client called me  recently to learn more about my medical practice, TailoredMD. She was moving from another city to San Antonio and was looking for a primary care doctor. She was interested in concierge medicine because her last doctor was concierge and she was very happy with the experience. After I informed her of my fees, she expressed concern that I wouldn’t be able to stay in business. Her concierge doctor charged over $2000 per year PLUS billed her insurance. 

It is much-discussed in the DPC industry that we have to overcome the “too good to be true” impression that many prospective clients have. Let me tell you, this business model is not too good to be true - it is simply capitalizing on an entire industry that is egregiously inefficient. 

Here are some ‘concierge services’ I have offered in just the last 48 hours


Maybe you’re thinking, “if DPC is so great, why haven’t I heard of it?”

The answer is: You will.

“DPC is growing at an impressive rate. The fastest-growing states see panel sizes expanding at an astounding 2084% per year, while even the lowest-growth states see an average of 67% increase over the past year. DPC is growing strong, with almost contiguous coverage of patients and providers across the continental US.” - Hint, Direct Primary Care Trends Report 2017

It is my mission to provide affordable, concierge level care that is tailored for your life.


By the way, I am not the only DPC practice in San Antonio, here are links to a few in the region!

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Salveo Direct Care

Alamo Heights DPC

Cibolo Family Medicine

Casa Salud Family Medicine

Picture of Dr C Wes Clements III C Wes Clements III, MD MD / Founder of Tailored MD Direct Primary Care Clinic in San Antonio, TX

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