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Testosterone Therapy. A better, lower cost option in San Antonio


Client #1: Tired, Overweight, No sex drive.

Client X is a 55yo male with low energy, overweight, and with low libido. “I thought I was just getting older.“ A complete evaluation including a hormone panel showed two consecutive testosterone levels equal to that of an 80 year old. We had an hour long appointment discussing the risk and benefits of therapy, the process of gels versus injections, and also how to monitor levels correctly (Incorrect testosterone monitoring runs rampant in the medical community). We got testosterone up to a healthy level and the client reported almost an immediate difference in his energy levels as well as other areas of improvement further into his treatment. 


Client #2: Body Builder

Clint Y is a 27yo bodybuilder. “I haven’t had labs since I was 18 years old. I have taken testosterone in the past and now I cycle selective androgen receptor modifiers”. An appropriate comprehensive blood panel was ordered for hormones as well as general screening purposes. We had a non judgemental and informative discussion on the lab findings and recommendations were made. 


Client #3: Hormone Therapy Client

Client Z was diagnosed with hypogonadism and started on BioTE pellets at an outside clinic. The pellets cost him $1500 a year, plus he was paying visits fee towards his deductible which was another $1000-2000 per year (not to mention all of the unecessary supplements they were selling him). He decided to try one of the local hormone clinics that charges $70 per week but had to go in weekly for injections. Plus, he still needed to maintain a primary care doctor to address all his other medical concerns. After switching to TailoredMD, he was able to get all his care under one roof. The cost, $100 per month. His dose of testosterone was less than $20 per month cash pay so this was half the price of the hormone clinic and for more medical services.


Picture of Dr C Wes Clements III C Wes Clements III, MD MD / Founder of Tailored MD Direct Primary Care Clinic in San Antonio, TX

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