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Treating Type 2 Diabetes at Tailored MD


What has been your experience with type two diabetes in the traditional insurance based model of medicine? Here’s a common scenario: You see the doctor for 10 minutes, review labs, and continue or increase your medicine. Or maybe your primary care doctor has you see a specialist 4+ times a year to manage your diabetes. In these visits, how much of the conversation focuses on curing your diabetes? Did you even know diabetes can be reversible?


Diabetes is one of the top four revenue-producing diseases in the United States for the healthcare industry. Once you are diagnosed with diabetes, you typically begin to see your doctor or an endocrinologist at a minimum of four times a year. Each time you receive an extended panel of labs and sometimes neuropathy and/or urine screenings. Then, you also need to see an ophthalmologist yearly because diabetes increases your likelihood of developing vision problems. Don’t forget those diabetes medicines that often cost $300-400/refill. Plus the healthcare costs associated with metabolic conditions and vascular disease. See what I mean by top revenue-producing???


Why on earth would the healthcare system focus on curing this disease that is so central to it’s fiscal viability? That would be a loss of nearly 1 out of every 4 dollars spent on healthcare. The insurance model “manages” diabetes and defines it as “controlled” or “uncontrolled” instead of trying to cure the disease. These terms highlight health professional complacency with well-controlled, well-managed diabetes. If we wanted to do what is best for our patients, we would focus on reducing blood sugars further and shedding the medications, specialist visits, tests, time, costs, heart attacks, strokes, and dementia, all associated with this disease. Now, insurance doctors are not evil and they do not purposefully sabotage steps towards curing diabetes, but we do work within a perverse framework when working in the insurance model. 


What does treating diabetes look like in Direct Primary Care and Tailored MD?

Picture of Dr C Wes Clements III C Wes Clements III, MD MD / Founder of Tailored MD Direct Primary Care Clinic in San Antonio, TX

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