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What is Direct Primary Care And Why I Made The Change?

Healthcare can be done better


I am a terrible writer, but I’ve been told that blog posts are permitted to be unpolished and off-the-cuff, so I am proceeding to test how true that is. Based on my latest passions, I suspect most of my blog content in the near future will be about debunking poor medical advice, with a splash of medical lifehacks, and maybe some personal anecdotes. 

This Is Not Concierge Medicine

This is not concierge medicine and this is not insurance based healthcare. Direct primary care is an entirely different service that I think will revolutionize the healthcare industry. It’s a model of medicine that is beautifully simple; the patient pays the doctor a low monthly fee as opposed to paying per service or visit. This concept has so many implications, but ask yourself the following: How do you think your doc might treat you differently if he/she had only 300 patients rather than 3000? A doc who respects your time? A doc who you can text or call directly for refills, for questions, or to send a picture of that funny looking mole? A doc who is given the time to get to know you and your goals and the time to think about solutions rather than the quickest band aid approach. You certainly can find this level of service with concierge medicine and you are going to pay for it - around $2000-$5000 a year plus a bill to your insurance. You can also find this level of service with direct primary care, all for the cost of a monthly cell phone bill or a cup of coffee a day.

Why I Am Doing DPC

My reason for starting a direct primary care (DPC) clinic is simple. I think healthcare can be done better. It’s pretty obvious by now that we should not hold our breath for major healthcare reform to take place in Washington. There is a lot of interest in keeping the system in its present state, but this bloated, inefficient industry is ripe for disruption. I believe the best way to enact real change is to simply offer a better product that people are going to value and want to be a part of. Direct Primary Care is that product.

Find A Local DPC

If you are looking for a better experience with healthcare that works for you rather than your insurance company, register online at If my practice is not in your area and you are looking for a direct primary care physician, you can visit to find your nearest clinic. 


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