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Direct Primary Care

C Wes Clements III, MD -  - Direct Primary Care

C Wes Clements III, MD

Direct Primary Care located in San Antonio, TX

Direct primary care allows you to meet with your doctor whenever you need by paying a monthly or yearly retainer fee. At Tailored MD in San Antonio, Texas, direct primary care physician C. Wes Clements III, MD, proudly offers direct primary care services. Patients can receive all of their medical care in one place and receive the treatment they need for chronic conditions such as diabetes, hypertension, high cholesterol, thyroid disease, and depression. To request your appointment today, call the office or book online at your convenience.

Direct Primary Care

What is direct primary care?

Direct primary care is an innovative healthcare model that enables patients to receive medical attention whenever necessary. Instead of relying on insurance companies and governmental providers for reimbursement, direct primary care asks patients to pay a monthly or yearly retainer. By removing the middleman, direct primary care offers better patient health outcomes and greater overall satisfaction. 

Does direct primary care work?

The conventional medicine model uses a “pay for service” approach. This means your doctor only makes money when you're sick or in need of a particular service, like an annual physical or immunizations. Because of this, the medical system benefits from managing disease rather than curing it. After all, the more you visit the doctor, the more money your insurance company makes. 

Direct primary care takes a different approach. Under direct primary care, you pay a single fee. This fee gives you access to all types of medical treatment, whether your sick or not. As a result, you can address the root cause of your health problems and improve your overall quality of life. 

Instead of prescribing medications to mask uncomfortable symptoms, direct primary care takes a whole-body approach. This focus on wellness and prevention allows you to address chronic health problems like high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and diabetes through natural means. 

What's more, clinical studies suggest that people who participate in direct primary care programs spend 30% fewer days in the hospital and are 62% less likely to require the services of a medical specialist. When you're viewed as a unique individual, instead of a number for insurance purposes, your health outcomes improve.

What health problems does direct primary care treat?

Direct primary care services at Tailored MD diagnose and treat a variety of common health problems, including:

  • Diabetes
  • High blood pressure
  • High cholesterol
  • Thyroid disease
  • Depression
  • Obesity

Direct primary care also covers basic health services, including:

  • Annual physicals
  • Preventive screenings
  • Laboratory tests
  • Prescriptions and medication refills

Patients who participate in direct primary care can also receive treatment for acute injuries and illnesses, such as ankle sprains, sore throats, and the flu. 

If you're tired of receiving impersonal medical care, direct primary care provides an excellent alternative. To learn more, call Tailored MD today or use the online booking tool to request an appointment.