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Physical Exam Specialist

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C Wes Clements III, MD

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The best way to learn about the state of your health is to get a physical exam. Employers, government entities, schools, and sports programs often require them to make sure you’re healthy. At Tailored MD, C. Wes Clements III, MD, provides thorough physical examinations for a variety of purposes and annual physical exams at his office in San Antonio, Texas. To book a physical or annual exam, call Tailored MD, or book an appointment online at your convenience.

Physical Exam Q & A

What is a physical exam?

A physical exam is a routine evaluation of your general health. Also called an "annual exam" or a "wellness exam," it allows Dr. Clements to note your current health and identify trends and patterns in your health over time. Furthermore, he can find signs of conditions affecting your health before they cause any symptoms. 

Physical exams also give you the chance to gain a better understanding of the way your body functions. You can ask Dr. Clements questions about your health, and he can recommend lifestyle changes that can help preserve your health over time. 

Why might I need a physical exam?

Dr. Clements provides a variety of physical exams at his private practice. There are many reasons why you might need a physical exam, whether it be for yourself, the government, your coach, or your employer. Dr. Clements offers:

Annual physicals

You should get a physical every year to monitor your body's changes as you age. You don't need to be sick or concerned about your health to benefit from an annual physical.

Pre-employment physicals

Many employers require that you get a physical exam as a condition of your employment. It may include a drug test, which you can take in the on-site lab. If you have symptoms, Dr. Clements can find a diagnosis and a treatment for it so you can work safely. 

Sports physicals 

Sports physicals, also called pre-participation physical exams, evaluate your health and your fitness. Dr. Clements looks for conditions that could make sports unsafe for you.

What should I expect during physical exams?

Physical exams of all kinds are similar. During a physical exam by Dr. Clements, there are a few components you can expect every time. First, he asks about your medical history or if there are any updates to it since your last visit. You have a chance to bring up any unusual symptoms or changes that you've noticed regarding your health. Then, the exam includes:

  • Checking your vitals (e.g., heart rate, blood pressure)
  • Checking your eyes, ears, nose, and throat
  • Listening to your heart and lungs

Depending on your age, family medical history, the purpose of your exam, and certain findings from the exam, your physical exam might include other additional components. Dr. Clements might order lab tests like cancer screenings, blood work, or urinalysis to gain more information about your health. 

After thoroughly reviewing your health, Dr. Clements offers lifestyle management to help you improve or maintain your health. 

For comprehensive physical exams, call Tailored MD, or book your appointment online today.