what is direct primary care?

A movement towards people-first healthcare

At its core, DPC shifts away from the "assembly line" care that you get from insurance-based coverage and back to the way things used to be, when your doctor really knew you. You and your doctor work together to make a plan that works for you, not one that meets requirements for your insurance company.

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the problem with insurance

Health insurance isn't healthy

We understand how difficult insurance can be. Premiums are expensive and becoming increasingly unaffordable, who you see and where you get treatment is restricted, and coverage is often limited depending on your health conditions. When it comes to visiting a clinic, you also deal with longer wait times, shorter appointments, and overall subpar care.

benefits of direct primary care

Less patients, more attention to care

DPC clinics have an average of 500 patients per physician vs. the 2,500-4,000 average you typically see in traditional practices. These low numbers allows us to devote extra time to our patients, with no waiting times in between.

The interior of the Tailored MD Office with no waiting patients
Dr. Wes explaining pricing options to a new patient
benefits of direct primary care

Simple, straight-forward, flat pricing

All primary care is covered through one flat monthly fee. Because we do not bill insurance, you don't have to worry about co-pays, deductibles, or insurance claims. We can also work with you to get steep discounts on services like labs, imaging, and radiology.

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dpc vs. concierge

How DPC differs from Concierge Medicine

You may have heard of a similar type of practice, Concierge medicine. They are similar in that doctors are paid directly for care, patient loads are smaller, and you get more access to your physician.

Drawbacks of Concierge medicine

They still use insurance
While you are paying your Concierge doctor directly, they still bill insurance for certain services, which can still leave you footing an extra bill or surprise fee.
Higher prices for bells and whistles
Concierge medicine use yearly memberships and force patients to commit to that full year. They also tend to charge more because of the “extra” services they provide, which you may not even need.

Why we recommend DPC

Flat, monthly fee with no surprise bills
DPC does not bill insurance, which is why we’re able to offer a flat fee that covers all your primary care needs. No co–pays, no third-party billing, just peace of mind.
Non-contract, affordable care
DPC does not require up-front payment for the year. We simply offer a monthly membership that can be canceled at anytime without consequence.

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